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Self Build Home Cornwall

Self Build Home Cornwall

New Builds Cornwall

if you are one of the many people across the country who would love to build their own new build home then you may find the information on this page useful. Here at Builders Cornwall we aim to provide you with as much value information as we can to help you make the decision on whether a self build home Cornwall is right for you.

The industry term “self build” is a bit misleading, of course, it doesn’t mean you are physically going to have to pick up a shovel and start laying some bricks! In fact less than 10% of people having a self build home in Cornwall are actually involved in the building process. Instead most self builders will be involved in the design process, organising the architects, choosing a builder and making sure building regulations and planning are met.

Along with the cost savings that can be made by building a home from scratch the key to a self build is that it is flexible. Our customers usually choose us to project manage and oversee all of the different elements of building a house in Cornwall. This means the project does not become life consuming and stressful, it means that it is a much simpler and more straight forward process.

Below we aim to provide the information you need to consider and to see whether our service is right for you, so please have a read 

Otherwise all us on 01726 253013 for a chat about your project and we can arrange a consultation visit to answer any questions you have.

Self Build Home Cornwall
Self Build Home Cornwall

Build Your Dream.  

Lets Us Take Care Of The Stress!

Self build home Cornwall

The first task of building your own home is finding a suitable plot of land. This has been difficult in the past but we now finding more and more people coming to us with land they have already acquired. The government are doing more to help people build their homes and have launched the Right to Build Scheme which forces councils to provide already approved areas of land for building.

The next step is getting planning approved, and to do this you need to have a fairly good idea of what you will be building. Cornwall builders work closely with quality planners who can get your application approved quickly and without any fuss. With a self build home in Cornwall you will need to be ready for the questions they ask. That is where we can come in and take care of this process for you. We can also liaise with our panel of architects, organise the building regulation requirements and start the design process.

We will consult with you and take your idea, your dream, and we can start to put the beginning steps in place.

Then the journey to your new build home begins.

Here we have a simple list of steps to follow for your self build home Cornwall.

  • Decide on you budget
  • Consult with a Mortgage advisor
  • Investigate different potential plots
  • Call us to work out approximate costs of building
  • Call us to help with the design
  • Use our partners to apply for planning permission
  • Let us help with building regulation approval
  • Decide on a start date
  • Let the building begin
Self Build Home Cornwall


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Self Build Home Cornwall