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Garage, Barns and Loft Conversions Cornwall

Loft Conversions Cornwall

If you have a suitable property, having a loft conversion in Cornwall can be one of the most cost effective ways of increasing living space. Having Cornwall builders look after your loft conversion project means you can be assured of having the professional trades needed to complete the work in the cost effective and safest way possible.  The building control, structural calculations and architecture can all be taken care of in house which makes the whole process incredibly stress free.

Loft conversions have been known to increase the value of a property by as much as 20%. So it often makes sense to convert your home instead of moving. It can give you many more enjoyable years living in your property and be an advantage when you sell on to someone else.

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The other advantage of a loft conversion Cornwall is the fact that it does not decrease any space on the plot of your property like an extension will. The space is there and you are utilising what you already have. We have known of our customers to have completely overlooked the concept of having a conversion, and be surprised when we suggest it as an alternative to an extension.

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Conversions Cornwall
Conversions Cornwall

Improve your living.  

Increase the value of your property.

Is your Loft Suitable for Converting?

Cornwall Builders offer a loft conversion service that is like no other. One of the issues these days is the building regulations have tightened so much that sometimes it can be uneconomical to even consider having one built. Because of our ability to survey a project and our connections with top Cornwall planners we can give you a quick answer on whether your property is suitable.

The main things to consider when assessing a roof for suitability are head height, Pitch of roof, structure of building and any obvious obstacles like pipes, tanks etc. If you take a measurement from the top of the ceiling joist to the bottom of the visible ridge timber it really needs to be taller than 2 metres to give enough room.

The higher the pitch of the outside roof the better, but of course the builders can combine the conversion with a dormer window if needed to give more space. The main structure of the house is the biggest concern and we can discuss the two main types of roof structure below.

A traditional framed type of roof has the combination of rafters, ceiling joints and supporting timbers. These are all cut to size and assembled on the building site. These types of construction methods usually mean that there is a stronger core construction and supporting walls. This means the space can be opened up and the rafters strengthened by adding supports relatively inexpensively.

However, modern houses tend to have pre-constructed factory made roof trusses. These would usually have thinner timbers and use braced diagonal timbers to offer the structural support. Its these diagonals which use up a lot of space and if taken down then would need load bearing support underneath which ins’t always there.Its these building conditions that need the knowledge and skill of experience as steel beams may have to be used between the load bearing walls and at the ridge.

Cornwall Builders will advise on exactly what is needed in you property and make sure everything is done in line with the regulations. This ensure a safe conversion that will not cause any problems in the future

Conversions Cornwall


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