The Complete Guide to Creating Your Games Room

The Complete Guide to Creating Your Games Room


A games room provides plenty of activities to keep everyone entertained especially during winter when the weather is particularly gloomy. Whether you prefer to go for the classic pool or snooker room or even turn it into a hybrid room with multiple options in for guests to enjoy, a games room is always a fantastic way to add a different dynamic to your home.

If you’ve gone through our complete guide for refurbishing your property here on Cornwall Builder and still have the itch to add to or improve your home, then a games room might be of interest to you.

Location, location, location

The first thing you need to consider when planning your games room is where to have it. Maybe it’s an unused bedroom, extra garage space, the cellar, or even the loft you’ve been meaning to convert.

You might even be considering extending your homes in order to make their games room. By doing this you can customise everything from the amount of floor space to the shape of the room, which definitely adds more freedom to the design process of creating your perfect gaming area.

Alternatively, you might have the option to knock down a wall to combine two small rooms into a room you can make into your own personalised gaming area. This is also ideal for those who prefer to incorporate their game room into an open-floor plan living area. While knocking down a wall requires more work than simply transforming an existing room, the more room for playing can be worth it and less expensive than building a new extension.

Before taking out your sledgehammer, it is important to consider several important factors when tearing down a wall. Home Building and Renovating Magazine explains the need to consult a structural engineer to identify whether or not the wall you’re planning to knock down is load-bearing or not. It is also important to double-check with your local building regulations and secure a remodelling permit if necessary. Also, check for wires, pipes, and other sensitive items running through your interior wall, as these pose additional challenges you might encounter when knocking the wall down. Consult with a plumber and electrician before beginning the demolition, and have them cap off the utilities.

Whatever area you choose to work with, with a little know-how and hard work, it’s always possible to rework a space into a great games room.

Plan out your gaming space

There are no hard and fast rules as to what to put into your games room. However, the Lazy Penguins emphasises the importance of careful planning, as this will make creating the actual thing far easier.

An ideal set-up is to have the widest possible choice of games without making it difficult to move around. If space is at a premium, consider investing in a good dartboard, which allows you to organise tournaments without taking up a lot of space. Other classic games such as pool, table tennis, and foosball tables, which are great ways to bond with friends and family. For fans of retro gaming, old school classics like pinball machines and Pac-Man are also quirky additions to any games room.

Also, consider investing in a large flat-screen television for games and watching sporting events, as well as a good console (or two) for video-gamers.

Whatever game you choose, Paste Magazine recommends reading up on the upkeep requirements and basic trouble-shooting. Games are only fun if they work, and without them, your games room loses its purpose.

Treat your senses

If it fits your budget, a surround sound system is a great investment. These systems add to the experience of playing video games or watching movies and sports.

Additionally, it’s important to consider the lighting. Balance function and style by adapting to the different lighting needs of your games, and add ambient light wherever needed.

Consider your comfort

Chances are, you’ll be spending a lot of time in your new games room, and comfort is key. A sofa, futon, or even some hacky sacks in front of the TV would be great for video-gamers, and coffee tables in key areas are great for storing spare charging cables and accessories. To maximise space, choose flexible seating arrangements like ottomans that can be moved around or used as tables or chairs whenever needed.

Another important consideration in games rooms is wiring. Keep them tidy under carpets, behind shelves, or tied together so as not to pose any danger.

Food and refreshments

The last thing you want to do during game nights is to have to go back and forth to the kitchen. If you have the space and budget for it, consider adding a minibar or mini-fridge to stack up on refreshments and food. Don’t forget to store some snacks somewhere convenient, too!

The right temperature

Gaming computers and consoles produce plenty of heat, especially if you’ve been playing for hours. To avoid overheating, make sure to have a fan or an open window nearby.

For more classic games rooms, a crackling fire might just be what the room needs to keep everything toasty in the winter. Screwfix list a variety of marble fire surrounds that can transform the look of your games room and turn the fireplace into the focal point of the room. Overall, it’s important to make sure that your games room is at a perfect temperature to allow you and your guests to have fun while also staying warm.

Decorate your room

Last but not least, it’s important to decorate your new games room to your own aesthetic. Make the space your own with pictures of your rugby or football teams or classic games, or add a shelf to display some treasured memorabilia and toys. Add neon signs, jukeboxes, and paintings to liven up the space. Forbes Magazine even recommends encouraging friendly competition by having a chalkboard on one of the walls to keep score during games.

Do you have any other tips for creating the perfect games room? Feel free to share them with us in the comments section below!